Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Seduction

The Seduction
Size: 17x12 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Detail closeups: -here-
Prints and original available: -here-
Sketches: -here- and -here-

* * *

She sings with voice that's summer-laced
She lifts her arms with lithesome grace
She dances, skips, steps back a pace,
and beckons, haloed in the light.

"Lay your head down, come and sleep.
Let weary world drift to your feet.
Lay your head down, come and sleep.
Taste of innocence so sweet."

She beckons, lures, and tempts to chase.
No shadows fall upon her face.
She chimes, "Come share a sacred place
we carve to keep back night."

"Anemones cup crimson wine:
Let words and needs sift past, like wheat.
Leave marigolds to dream of dawn.
Taste poppy juice, so rich and sweet."

She promises no promises taken,
nevermore to be forsaken;
a peace from which to never waken:
Taste of innocence so sweet.

* * *

In European legends, it was said that a unicorn could not be captured by force. The only way to subdue the fantastic beast was to let a maiden wait alone. Lured by her, the unicorn would venture near, and lay his head upon her lap, at which time the hunters could spring on the creature.

In Medieval writings and art, the unicorn was frequently symbolic of Christ, most famously in the unicorn tapestries depicting The Hunt of the Unicorn and telling the story of Christ from birth to resurrection.


  1. Love love love her dress. Turned out wonderful!

  2. The painting is lovely but it is bad, bad, BAD to kill unicorns! ;___;

  3. Hah, yeah that's what my husband had to say about it too.

  4. This piece is like a journey. My eyes step in and I am swept away. And I love the poem/song that goes with this.

  5. I think your usage of colour is changing a's more onyrical...I like it soooo much