Monday, November 29, 2010

"The Seduction" - Unicorn rough sketches

Rough sketch from my sketchbook for a piece in the works.


  1. Are you using a tablet for this? Cintiq? I like the way you do "random" lines to begin with.

  2. Loving the more realistic proportions on the horse's shoulder and neck (I was never a big fan of the elongated neck in "The Last Unicorn" style). I'm excited to see this piece develop, do you have a color palette in mind already?

  3. What`s the the story behind the ArtWork Steph...I`m a real sucker for your lyrical decriptions :)

  4. I sketch the figures in pencil, and after scanning them I arrange the composition digitally and sometimes scribble in rough lines for the rest of the connecting background. So I don't have anything so fancy as a Cintiq. :) I'm waaaaaaaaay behind on tablet technology with my ancient Intuos.

  5. As for the story, it's the European "how to catch a unicorn" schtick. Young virgin girl. Unicorn comes up to tamely to lay his head in her lap, subdued. Then Do As You Like to the unicorn.

    I am wanting to capture what seems to be a beautiful and soothing scene, with darker undertones if you pay attention to the details. The knife she has handy nearby. The hunters waiting in the background for her to call to them once the deed is done.

    This tension is something I've been going for with my last three paintings as well.

  6. onewandering - no clue what to do for the colors just yet. it'll come to me eventually! :)

  7. I can't wait to see this as a finished piece.

    Keep up the great work...:)

    Because of you, I have taken to doing some watercolor. I have not done it in about 5 years.
    Thanks for the inspiration...:D