Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Batch o ACEO and Keyword Cards

Oops, I've forgotten to upload these for a while. Here's a bunch that I've done in the past month.

ACEOs (clockwise): koi, Astraea, devotion, enchanter, monkey, monkey

Keyword cards: absolute, bravery, dragon, bard, Ganesha, compassion, orca, bliss, determination

Keyword cards: spire, Morrigan, universe, duality, wisdom, goddess, calla, owl
Keyword cards: path, dryad, stag, heather, fun, blessed, mischief

Keyword cards: spider, hope, fairy, sagisou, selkie


  1. WOW! Girl, you've been busy....they all look great, especially the flying monkeys.

  2. Thank you for remembering to upload them! :-)

  3. Why is Garuda an elephant? You drew the Hindu Garuda, right?

  4. Because that was my sleepy-addled brain doing a typo. It's supposed to be Ganesha