Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Queen of Night and Magic

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 12x15 inches

A cover for Kobold Quarterly Magazine. The fey queen, who rules of the faery Shadow Realm. Being presented with an entrapped firebird that she has long craved to possess.

First chance to do a painting in nearly two months. This has probably been the longest period of time I've gone without taking a brush to hand in the past decade.

And while we're bringing up the past decade, about halfway through this piece, it occurred to me that it looked familiar. I couldn't figure out how at first, but then I remembered an old painting that I had long removed from my website to make way for newer (better) work. "The Dreamweaver", from June 2000. Unconsciously I had echoed the color, composition, and even the shape of the tree and the figure's pose, right down to the angle of her body! Funny how the mind has patterns and concepts that one revisits over the years.

I'd like to think that this new painting is much better than the old one! It's a decade's worth of painting experience and practice after all that has filled the interim.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Queen of the Night Sketch

For an upcoming painting, a cover for Kobold Quarterly Magazine.
First painting I've done in nearly two months now! Time to dig out the brushes and watercolors.

Monday, December 21, 2009

MInor Arcana Book Borders - More Cups

Shadowscapes has been shut down for holiday shipping as of this past Friday. It's a nice break for me. I decided years ago that it was hard enough dealing with my own stress of trying to buy Christmas gifts for people, without having to also deal with other peoples' stress as they try to purchase last minute gifts from the site. It's just easier this way for me to have a chance to enjoy the holidays! Also, I get to avoid the horror of the post office lines as Christmas creeps closer.

A bit of an update about the deck that Llewellyn is publishing. I worked with the graphic designer, and we really tried very hard to make the cards borderless as many people requested. But unfortunately it was finally decided to have a minimal border. The reason being that all other solutions of just putting the text onto the images either looked bad, or covered up important aspects in the images. With a borderless card, this would necessitate a bleed around all 4 edges that would further crop out even more of the art! Many of the pieces have interesting elements that go right up to the edges of the piece. So I think in the end that this will be the best solution.

* * *

Next installment of border images for the Minor Arcana book, for cups 3 through 7:

The distant birds here were Claire's contribution. She decided to swat at my drawing hand while in my lap as I did this one.* * *

Probably no more posts before Christmas, so happy holidays everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

MInor Arcana Book Borders - Fish!

I did mention I felt like drawing "some fish" in that last entry right?
Ace and two of cups borders here.

"Creepy," says Dana.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Minor Arcana Book Borders - More Wands

Thanks for all the feedback regarding what you would like for the minor arcana book(s)! I will definitely take everyone's input into consideration when it comes time to make that decision. Though it will be a while off yet still.

Just for an idea of the timeline of what such a project like this entails (since I've gotten some hopeful people asking if it would be available in the near future) -

* 6 weeks - Finishing the borders - at the current rate I've been going at about 1 per day, and with 42 more borders to do, that's about a month and half.
* 6-12 weeks - Gathering sketches, writing text, and doing layout - No telling really how long this would take exactly. Hopefully in a few months Claire won't need to be held constantly, so I can dig around for old sketches, and work on layouts at my computer more easily. So it's a wide estimate. Also, I'll probably be picking up commissions again around this time, so it'll fit in between projects.
* 2 weeks - Proof from the printer - The printer takes 1 week turnaround to get a proof of the book to me. Add in the shipping times and a chance for me to look over the proof and approve it.
* 4-6 weeks - Shipping of final books - They've got a long ride chugging across the Pacific Ocean to dock here in Oakland!
* Add that up, and it looks like somewhere in the range of 5-6 months before I'll have them here on the doorstep ready to send out. Which means it'll probably be ready around the time that the deck is released by Llewellyn.

* * *

Meanwhile, enjoy these last few Wands borders for the Page, Knight, Queen, King. After this, on to Cups I think. I'm feeling like drawing some fish!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Minor Arcana Book Borders - Wands

Since I'm mostly glued to an easy chair these days, I've had lots of time to work on ink drawings. I figured it's a good time to get started on the borders for the Minor Arcana book. Here's the borders for the Wands so far. Slightly different format from the Major Arcana book. I wanted some variety for myself!

As for the Minors book, I'm currently pondering what to do with it. Since there are many more minor cards than majors, there's a lot more material to squeeze in.

So, Question:

Would you be interested in a single volume (~150 pages maybe, with about 10 pages of sketches per suit, instead of the dedicated 2 pages per card that the majors had) of all four minor suits and be approximately $50.00, or I could split it up further into two volumes of two minor suits each of $35.00 (and maintain the two pages of sketches per card)?

Pricing is still a guess for the single large book as I've yet to get a quote from a printer for that.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Lull

A feature from Tachyon Publications, whom I have had the pleasure of working with several time over the years:

Journal updates, and new artwork will probably be a bit sporadic for a few months here while things settle down. Between getting to know Claire, and holiday orders to pack! Though I've found the time to start working on the Minor Arcana book. Having fun with the ink boarders. I'll post some in a few more days, when I have a chance to scan them!