Sunday, December 12, 2010

Iron Khan sketches

Sketch for a book cover project in the works. Above is the finalized sketch that I'm ready to start painting. I'm thinking to hold off breaking out the brushes just yet though because last week I splurged and bought myself some brand new assortment of paints from Kremer Pigments. I'm so eager to try them out and can't wait for them to arrive! **art geeking** Ah, but this kit of Blues just looks so lovely....

Some of the scribbles that led to the final:

The initial 3 thumbnail concepts I sent to the client. The first and third options were more literal to the action of the story, while the second one more of a fantastical combination of various aspects. Authenticy to the tale as opposed to direct accuracy. It was my own personal favorite option, but I wasn't holding too much hope the client would choose it (because the client never ever picks the one the artist thinks is best!) Surprise, she did concur and picked #2, which made me very happy!

Elaborated on it, getting the details of the bird and figure down. Flipping through the manuscript to make sure I get the details of it correct.

Refining the City as well. Pulling out references for Asian style architecture. Haven't really done Asian cities very often (if at all)...more used to European castles and fantastical cities. Photoshop magic to get everything placed correctly and make sure the composition isn't lopsided. Then it gets printed out and I transfer the final drawing to the illustration board!


  1. great job ! I love it !

  2. Bet it look great in color!
    I love it ..
    From Cyndiarttreasures

  3. Iron Khan as in Liz William's book by any chance??

  4. Weee!! My favorite author and favorite artist getting together, thank goodness she changed publishers so this one will be coming along sooner then the others. Will this be the cover to both the hardback and softback books?

  5. I don't know whether they are doing a hardcover edition or not