Thursday, December 23, 2010

VBC (Very Big Cat)

Sketch on the table for upcoming painting. Cath Palug. Sir Kai and his buddies don't know what they're in for.

Sketches that led up to that final.
Palug with the Cat next to him. Wanted more focus on the Cat though. Tried a different pose. Stalk-stretching with the boy riding him. But that seemed too...domesticated. Like a horse (or He-Man's Cringer! oh no!) Scribbles of Kai and co. in the bottom right. Top left rough thumbnail composition.

Attempted combo of two concepts. Still not quite there.

Tried a different pose. Liked the low-to-the-ground panther-type-stalking, tail swishing.

Some more photoshop to figure out composition, and a digitally scribbled in tree for them to stand on instead of a cliff. Finally happy with this, and so it becomes the basis for the final sketch.