Friday, March 20, 2009

Sausal Park Sketches

Pulled out a brush pen sample that was given to me at Wondercon to test out, wandered down the path and did some sketches. Going for looser sketches. Brown paper, black brush pen, and highlights with white gel pen. Wish there was such a thing as a white brush pen, that would be fun.

Trying this out, reminded me of my old Chinese brush that I used to use for gestural figure drawing back in college. It's the sad sad story that no matter how much you love a brush, eventually, be it 3 paintings or 30 paintings, the time comes that it must be sent to the retirement home jar of fuzzy headed brushes. I miss that brush.

I felt a bit voyeuristic....

Waving in the slight breeze. A forgotten hat that someone had found and tied to a branch at the path's entrance. Peeking through the greenery, it was like a visual echo of all the lily of the valley plants dotting the park.


  1. Ah, the jar of fuzzy headed brushes :')

  2. When they smooch in public...
    I wish I had been there with my camera.
    Lovely work, Stephanie.