Friday, March 27, 2009

Arizmendi yummies

Friday afternoon errands. Running around Oaktown, shipping orders, groceries, returning videos. I decide to take a detour over to Arizmendi Bakery which I haven't visited in a while. One of my favorite places, from my Berkeley days even, over at the sister establishment Cheese Board. Who couldn't love a place that has a pastry called "Chocolate Thing"???

The place is always packed. Testament to the aromas of baked savories and sweets. People are squeezed in on every available seat, and elbow to elbow at the counter. But as if by magic, somehow by the time my name is called and I go up to the counter to pick up my slice of pizzasourdoughyumminess, a spot opens up. Always. It never fails.

Maybe they have a brownie keeping watch over the place to ensure happily seated customers.

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