Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Queen of Cats sketch

Phase 2 for this painting. Cover in progress for Fantastical Visions IV, fantasy anthology. That scribbled sketch I had a few entries ago got approved by the art director. So now it's full speed ahead.

It's kind of a collage of concepts from numerous stories in the anthology. A bit of everything thrown into it, and woven together.

Blew it up in size in photoshop, and transferred with tracing paper to Strathmore lightweight illustration board, at 12x18 inches. Then went back with pencil to better define the details and work out any kinks and generally refining the drawing. Cats had to shrink a bit. They wanted to be big and wild. Told them no.

Pulled Creatures of the Night down from my bookshelf and flipped through it for inspiration on capturing that fierce and wild glint a cat's eyes can get. That sinuous feline arrogance evident in the glance, in the prowl, and even in repose. Michael Zulli does it quite well in the first story in that book, The Price.

I wanted the girl to have that feral look. She'll have gleaming yellow eyes, like the cats around her. I'm looking forward to painting this, though probably won't have the chance to finish until the weekend. Tomorrow will mostly be taken up because I've got plans to head into San Francisco to go museum hopping with my uncle Horatio (very different sort of artist from me) who's visiting from Portland.

Also. Girl scout cookie time. Samoas. Chocolatey, caramely, coconutness.... Yum.


  1. Ooooooooh, Yumsville! And the cookies sound yummy too! :D

  2. It's already looking amazing! I can't wait to see more!

    And yay for Samoas cookies!

  3. Thanks for posting the art in progress. Can't wait to see the next phase. :)

  4. yeah, i'm not usually a cookie person but mmmmm ... samoas ...
    the drawing is wonderful and wild looking ! hope you post some more steps along the way.

  5. This is going to be an amazing painting!! I love the composition & the way it flows...I always love the way you paint animals aswell :)
    Ever thought about putting a basset hound in one? LOL (I have a basset btw...)

  6. No basset hounds in this anthology. You can petition the authors. :)