Monday, March 16, 2009

Cypripedium californicum

6.5x7.5 inches, ink on bristol board

A fanciful little commission of Cypripedium californicum, a Californian orchid. Cypripedium refers to Aphrodite/Venus.

* * *

I'm working on getting an Inklings volume 2 out. Having a horrid time getting my printer to actually do it. It's been a series of misfortunes since late January when I sent them the layouts, so I'm not really holding my breath for it to be available anytime soon. I'm hoping they can do it in time for the summer conventions. I am factoring in a 6 month lead time after all (low expectations lead to pleasant surprises).

While quality from small press seems to be quite good these days, reliability is where the big failing is so far with all the companies I've had to deal with.

Still, it's great to be able to do things like this, that 10 years ago would really not even have been an option without searching overseas for an affordable printer, shelling out a large sum of money for the run, and then finding room to store the 1000+ copies. My poor little garage is already packed to the gills with paper product. Wait, there's supposed to be room for a car too???


  1. still biting my nails for inkling #1 to come in the mail ... now there's gonna be a #2 !?! how exciting. best of luck with the printer !

  2. AAAHHHHHH ! ! ! it came - and you drew me a dryad ! ! ! thank you, thank you ! ! !

  3. Oh, I want the new book too :D

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Inklings I (especially the mermaid sketch on the inside cover.) I'll be looking forward to Inklings II. Now I need to go look at my Inklings I. I haven't looked through it in a while. :)