Sunday, March 29, 2009


size: 12x16 inches
medium: watercolor

As usual prints, original, and all that Good Stuff, available at Shadowscapes.

Painting through the weekend to finish this piece up, since it's not a paying commission, and I've got some deadlines set up for myself to get started on once Monday rolls around. Gotta get back to having a few more chapters hammered out before the end of April.

NPR's "Planet Money" podcast kept me company for the last half of this one. Yeah, I'll admit it's not the rousing source of passionate fantasy inspiration you'd expect me to be listening to. Ironically the dire and materially rooted topics were an odd contrast to painting such a hopeful themed piece. That's the strange workings of my mind. It rolls along several tracks simultaneously. Dryads and tree spirits while listening to economic fiascoes and bailout plans.

Reminds me of how Dana is always a bit disconcerted to see letters and packages in the mail for me from the fantastic company and artist names of people I'm working with, tagged with "Inc." or "Co." at the end, or heading legal papers and contracts. "It's so bizarre!" he exclaims, to see these otherworldy names that conjure magic images in your head...rooted to something so mundane as a corporate and legal identity.


  1. I love this one so much. The contrast of green and dark pink are beautiful. The dryad holding her seed is just so moving. I was a bit surprised by your almost exclusive use of green, but it works. It is very serene and dream like.

  2. simply beautiful - one of my favorites ... may have to get myself a print !

  3. Fantastic colors, the contrast is great! I really wish to use watercolors like you do! I'm watching you...

  4. Beautiful! I really love the faces you put in. The colors are beautiful and serene...