Friday, March 13, 2009

Old intaglio etchings

Was digging through some piles of paintings to locate one that recently sold and needed to be shipped today. I came across these old intaglio etchings from my college days 12 years ago. The general process involves taking a metal plate that you etch into with a variety of techniques using acid, and scratching, while masking off with asphaltum. When the plate is completed, ink is hand rubbed into the etched areas, a wet paper is placed on top, and the whole is squeezed through a hand-cranked press.

Yeah, the style's quite different from my present work, but that's due in large part to both the medium, and the fact that anything remotely "illustrative" wasn't looked on kindly at Berkeley. I ended up taking several semesters of etching. Finding these makes me miss it, but you really can't do intaglio without a dedicated studio for it. Keeping acid baths and toxic solvents lying around the house isn't really practical or a good idea.



"Shadow Dance"


  1. Oh those are nice, very moody. I like something different about all of them and in the last one I can recognise your later works, too. Maybe you could do some etchings in a shared studio?