Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calendar & Keyword Sketch Cards

As I mentioned a week ago, I have about 20 of these calendars now available. They were published in Spain, so the month and week names are all in Spanish. However there is very limited other text on the dates so this should not detract from non-Spanish-users! 13 beautifully reproduced images.

When purchased from Shadowscapes, the calendar cover is autographed by Stephanie, and you will also receive a bonus 5x7 inch mini-print/postcard of The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards

Also, last week's sketch cards that were sent out. Clockwise: writing, platypus, artists' choice, dragon, serenity, mask, sisters, acorn, sunrunner

Clockwise: resilience, memory, healing, happiness, always, fili, grace, stars, butterflies, frogs


  1. They are Beautiful ...

  2. Hey girl, you should totally do a chakra painting!

  3. What are sketch cards? Is it something you do for inspiration?

  4. The sketch cards are for people who ordered my tarot special edition: http://www.shadowscapes.com/Tarot/deckSE.php

  5. I had the pleasure of seeing one of your beautiful calenders (not the Spanish one!) in person at a local bookstore.
    The sketch cards look great! I enjoy seeing your work in different media (drawing & painting).

  6. Just bought a Spanish calendar for a gift from the Shadowscapes site. Wow. It looks sooooo pretty.

    Hopefully it makes it over okay.

    I will be getting the tarot bag for my daughter too. Just need to be sneaky in trying to get her to choose a favourite. Hmmm. I gave her the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck and companion book for her birthday and she's already done some readings. Loves it.

    Your artwork is amazing. Thank you for sharing your sketches too.

  7. Thanks Ron! Btw, do you want me to hold off on shipping the calendar until you decide which bag, so you can save on some shipping cost?

    And seth, yes I love working in ink too!

  8. Thanks for the offer, but the tarot bag is for my daughter so there is still time, and the calendar is going to be a gift for someone else.

    ...and maybe I may find a need a get a vootoo skin myself ;D