Friday, November 19, 2010

Kitsune in progress

A bit of painting time today. Made some reasonable headway. The background trees have come out sufficiently spooky as I had in mind. Paintings don't always go the way I want or expect, but this one is so far doing quite well in that respect.

Going to have to pause here though, as I probably won't have a chance to get back to this until Monday, since I'll be at the Sacred Well tomorrow, and Sunday will be busy celebrating my daughter's 1 year birthday. Amazing how fast the past year has gone!

And I sound like a broken record...but I LOVE this purple....


  1. This is reasonable headway?! Blows my snails pace away. :)

    Looking lovely. What is the purple you're so pleased with?

  2. Is that that wonderful elderflower purple again? Man I need to find an affordable knock off of it XD

    Also, happy first birthday to your wee one! Soon, she'll be talking and drawing and driving her first car...but not too soon!

    Enjoy it and have a blast at Sacred Well, too! Man so many lovely tarots in ONE place!

  3. silvertales - it's a color from Kremer Pigments.

    And yes Angela it is. :) Thanks! I'm looking forward to today.

  4. This one is stunning so far! I can't wait to see it completed. I hope you send it to HAED to be charted. :)

    Happy Birthday to your wee one and enjoy your weekend.

  5. This picture is totally awesome! I'm in love with it <3