Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kitsune Sketches

Eek, November has been flying by. I have no idea how the weeks have passed, but my paint brushes definitely need to be pulled out. Next piece on the drawing table, Kitsune! Ready to get started with painting. Borrowing a little from my ooold painting "Lady of the Gingkos" with the dress that trails off into gingko leaves.

A couple of the preliminary sketches. First scribbles for the fox maiden. Felt too posed though. Wanting her to have a more unconscious grace. Just walking down a mossy path and unawares of her otherworldliness.
Next sketch. Lost in her own thoughts; or perhaps only pretending to be so, to lure the unwary. Eventually went with this concept, though I tweaked the sizing and placement of elements a bit in photoshop before settling onto the final composition.


  1. There haven´t been many foxes from you for some time. Making up for that with this piece... :-)

  2. I love the second sketch...can't wait to see how the painting turns out. :)

  3. All i can say is WOW...I can't even come close to drawing that. You see I draw, but I can't really draw people. I can draw anything else but people.
    Stephanie, your art rocks!!!

  4. "Can't you see Imma walkin mah foxes?!?"