Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tam Lin - The Faery Host

Tam Lin - The Faery Host
Size: 20x40 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Details: -here-
Prints: -here-

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

-Child ballad #39A Tam Lin
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, 1882-1898 by Francis James Child

For more information on the full ballad, and other versions of it: -click here-

* * *

Phew. I can't believe how fast this painting happened. 6 days; though it was pretty much nose to the paper full time. Dana was such a sweetie to watch Claire and give me the chance to work on this. It was good to get a major painting out as I feel like I haven't had the chance to do that in a while and the itch was really building. Scanning this was no small task either. Even with my large format scanner, it took 7 passes that I had to stitch together!

I'll have full-sized limited edition giclees of this one in a month or two.


  1. What a beautiful, amazing work!! :D

  2. wow!...when you look at the details up close it looks fabulous...that's trouble with a huge Artwork on-line, you can never experience the whole piece at once... love the horses masks ...

  3. hi stephanie,

    a great work you've done. the picture is beautiful and you can look by the hour but we recognize always new little details. you deserve respectful large.
    my work on IRIS has started yesterday in cross stitch.

    everything dear doreen

  4. It's really one of my favourites :)

  5. It's gorgeous - I love all the details on the horses and riders . . .

  6. Really gorgeous - I can wait to see the finals of the side panels =)

  7. I KNEW this would be amazing!

  8. Yeah the internet is definitely better for smaller pieces. You just can't get the same experience as seeing the real thing for a larger one. But that's why I'll have large giclees of this one made.

  9. Doreen - My respect to you cross stitchers. It takes even longer to cross stitch a piece than to paint it, and I've never been able to!

    Colette - A bit of a painting break (feel like i just ran a marathon) but I'll be getting to those next week.

  10. Pheww!! Well done you! Can't believe you got that finished so quickly!! It's an absolute stunner :D

  11. Stephanie Law, this is absolutely breathtaking and I amazed at how quickly you created it. WOW!!!