Monday, October 5, 2009

Back online, and Zodiac series complete!

Feels like it's been forever since I was able to scan and upload work. In fact I was starting to get a bit worried that if my string of bad luck and misfortunes here regarding my computer weren't fixed soon I'd start running into deadline troubles.

Fortunately I had sketched and scanned all 12 of the zodiac pieces and having art director approval before starting. Not my usual mode of working. I prefer most of the time to sketch one at a time and go from sketch to finished painting before starting a new one. Which for this instance proved to be a very lucky thing!

And so after computer trials and tribulations, UPS angst, scanner incompatibility issues, more UPS angst, it looks like all systems are finally good to go!

Just the cover left to do now.

Also, new zodiac bookmarks available here.

Pendants with these designs will be available hopefully in a week or two when I have a chance to make some. They'll be posted on etsy.


  1. Yay!! Stephanie's back!!!!
    Capricorn is absolutely gorgeous. I love them all. I will definitely be getting this calendar. ;)

  2. Breathtaking! I will not miss the calendar, and I'll be watching your Etsy for the pendants. Pisces especially. :)

  3. Astrologically speaking Mercury was in retrograde, causing all things communications and travel to go kerplunk, until September 29th when it started traveling in the right direction again. Just thought you'd want to know. Love the series!

  4. Haha, interesting, it most definitely was what I was experiencing!

  5. Wooow just... gorgeous *___* ! You're awesome ! It's soooo beautiful !

  6. Beautiful - when will we be able to get the calendar (and where). Love the colors of Virgo, even though I'm a pisces ;)

  7. It's for their 2011 calendar. So typically calendars start to get sold for the next year around July. I'll try to have them available from my site, but if not you should be able to find them in stores pretty easily, as Llewellyn has a wide distribution.