Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mat Inkings & Computer Whinings

And here I was, thinking my computer troubles were finally over. But such luck was not to be mine. Windows Vista (which I got saddled with as a necessity following the emergency purchase of a computer in September) upgrade to Windows 7 (which fortunately came free since it was so close to the release date when I purchased previously mentioned computer)...should have been a rather easy thing right??? As all the Windows 7 marketing material and packaging would have you believe. Well, after much more hair tearing (amazing I have so much hair still after these past couple months), and fortunately being able to search for fixes to my installation woes online with my husband's computer (he's a big fan of Ubuntu...and I'm getting there), I finally set about ditching the upgrade and just going for a clean install. Even though it feels like I just got my computer back into full working order less than a month ago. It took the whole day, but finally everything is all set again. Crossing my fingers that this is the end of the line for this string of unfortunate computer events.

My hands were not idle today while waiting for the install to finish though. I managed to finish these two mat ink designs. Normally I only do these for Dragoncon, but someone asked very nicely, and I haven't done any inks in while, so the fingers were feeling the itch. Besides, I just bought another big stash of pens from Jetpens.com the other day. If you're interested, I use the 0.3 thickness high-tec-C pens for all my ink drawings. They flow wonderfully smooth, and I enjoy the fine 0.3 point (they also come in 0.5 and 0.7).

And also added a bit more to the angel sketch. She's ready to be painted tomorrow I think. I'm a bit hooked on the color scheme and themes of "Gemini" and "The Transformative Nature of Music", so don't be surprised when I whip those out again. I'm having too much fun with those colors to be moving on just yet, though I think after this painting I should have it out of my system.


  1. Love the second mat inking, with the fox -- so beautiful!

    Have you ever tried to draw/paint horses?

    (I've never heard of Ubuntu, might have to do some research! I'm scared that when my PC dies I'm going to have to give up XP...)

  2. Test (having trouble commenting with WordPress credentials...)

    OK, it seems to be working this time. That first comment (Jennifer) was mine. :)

  3. Jennifer/onewandering - you simply HAVE to see her unicorns !!! Just click on the link to her site and go wandering - WARNING, make sure you have at least an hour or two ;)

    PS: Stephani, I'd love to scan the unicorn sketch you did for me and post it on my blog (obviously I'd link to your site) ...

  4. Sure, you can scan it!

    And yes, I have done horses occasionally.

  5. The mat inklings are very cool!!

    From now of I will send ALL my matting to you first. Hehehehe.
    Don't worrie I'm just kidding.

    Your computer problems have really make me scared now. I just got a new notebook. Also with Windows vista and also with the option to update to Windows 7.

    JOY!! I rather go to the dentist than sit at home with PC problems. :(

    Ps. Inge her commsision is going to be a nice one. You can already see that from the scetch.

    I'm very curiuos about what that one will look like in colour

  6. Good luck with your upgrade Rogier! You might want to uninstall itunes and any virus scanner you have first before trying to upgrade, and make sure you don't have any extra peripherals plugged in.

    I'm looking forward to starting Inge's piece!