Friday, October 16, 2009

Zodiac Cover

Size: 15.25x15.25 inches
Medium: Watercolor

And with this one, the zodiac series is complete. This is the cover piece. A bit of a deviation from what Llewellyn has done in the past for the astrological calendars. They wanted this one to show representations of each sign integrated into a scene, rather than the standard celestial wheel with cut and paste sections for each month. I'm glad they wanted to go for something different with this year because I had more fun with this type of piece than I would have had mucking around with design and graphics to digitally stick it all together.

* * *

On another note, I've had people asking about these for a while, but I've finally put up the tarot ink originals for sale here. I was holding onto them for a while until I had the book published just in case I needed to rescan anything.


  1. o_o no words... you are great as always! love the deep blue sky.

  2. Pure magic! :D
    I really like that part bird, part butterfly creature. So strange, but so lovely.

  3. Yeah I've gotten fond of that little guy, and he'll be showing up in another painting!

  4. What a masterpiece!!

    I find the contrast between the light and darkness somewhat confusing but (and probably therefore) utterly stunning!!

    This is why painting beats photographing even today.