Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cold Mornings & Sultana Lena's Gift

I go from one day finding myself sweating wretchedly and pondering if it's not too late in the season to consider getting an air condition unit installed in my studio, even though my initial thought was to not bother until next year since the summer was over....

To freezing in the morning and shivering as I hurry downstairs to get the heater going. Click click click it goes as it starts up, and the smell of burnt dust and lint fills the air as it fires up for the first time in months.

Nothing in between to say, hey we're moving out of summer and into cold months. Just dives right in. California weather, go figure.

And so I find myself huddled over a steamy cup of my morning ritual rooibos tea, feeling the hot air curl around my face and seep into the fingers that are locked around the cup. I look outside to the corner where the black acacia stood yesterday. It's just a stump now. I wonder what we can plant in the corner to take its place.

* * *

Next phase of the Sultana Lena's Gift painting. The rough sketch has been fleshed out, and transferred to the illustration board. All set to paint!


  1. The mechanical bird reminds me of how I so very much love the illustrations to the tale of the Nightingale by Andrew Babanovsky in the Andersen collected book I have. Just thought I'd share the inspiration with you:

    Georgia weather is equally as pushy. It's nearly cold enough to throw the winter comforter on the bed at night, but it's still boiling hot in the 80's during the day...and it just suddenly started to happen this past week. Just gotta dress in layers I can adjust when needed, I guess!

    As for the stump? Perhaps you can plant an ivy or climbing flower on it if you aren't having it removed?

    Meanwhile, my dad wants to plant a fruit cocktail tree. I am perplexed at this.

  2. Ooh, that's such a colorful little bird! Yeah, I've been having that story in my mind as well as I drew this one.

  3. I haven't read your blog till now. It's a great kick to discover I dig your writing as well as so deeply enjoy your visual art. Fun!