Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zodiac - last 6 sketches

...and the rest of them.

Eager to start painting these on Monday!





  1. These are so beautiful. This is going to be an awesome project. I'm not all that into zodiac stuff... but, I can't wait to get it. ;)
    Scorpio is wonderful, btw. Love the overall balance of male and female in this project.

  2. Yeah I've been trying to keep it balanced. Didn't want to do the "12 pretty girls" that so many other zodiac series turn into.

  3. Have you figured out a color palette yet? I know that each zodiac sign has a specific color associated with it. I can't wait to see the first painting! 2011 will be a very good year. :)

  4. They are stunning. but I wonder why you did almost all of them in female versions. I'm Aquarius, and I was very disappointed (I realy love female version) that you make Aquarius female too... Its realy nice, but I'm curios about how it will looks as a male version...

  5. Actually, they are pretty much split half and half female male. There are 5 female, 5 male, and 2 that have both (gemini and pisces). Unfortunately I can't please everyone, and they wanted these to be gender balanced. So I have to pick one way or the other for them.

  6. Squee!!! I love the mermaids in Pisces! I was secretely hoping you'd use them :) Can't wait to see them with color.
    Are prints going to be available?

  7. oh. my. God. i love of your tarot project and i love this zodiac series even more!! i hope i could get a print of Libra. oh, and also the calendar. :D can't wait to see it. but i'll just have to be patient and wait. haha. keep up the great work! :)

  8. It should be available in July of next year!