Monday, August 24, 2009

Zodiac - 6 sketches ready to paint

I usually like to work on one painting at a time, from sketch to finish. My mind focuses on the image better that way, because even as I work on the sketch I start getting ideas for the color schemes and for little bits and pieces I want to incorporate when I get to the painting part.

Unfortunately, when working for a client, I don't always have that luxury. Sometimes I'll work on sketches for multiple clients at once, since the response time of ADs can vary, and the sooner I get approval for a finalized sketch, the sooner I can start painting it, in my own time.

Since this project is on a deadline, I don't want to waste days sitting on a sketch and waiting for the art director to get back to me about the pieces one at a time, so I have to work on several sketches in parallel. This art director was out of town for a few days, and I managed to make my way through 6 finalized sketches (all ready to go on the illustration board and set for painting).

I'm thinking that since I've gotten this far, I might as well finish sketching all 12 of them, and then I can settle into the painting part next week. The sketching is the hard part of a piece. It is the phase that I find most draining, because I have to actively brainstorm, think about composition, placement, and anatomy. Once an image is laid out, the painting almost happens by itself, even though it takes longer. It's meditative in a way.





Gemini (was worried my male/female twins here wouldn't pass the AD approval, but yay it did!)



  1. Amazing! I'm very excited to see the finished results :)

  2. It looks like it ! You have a knack for connecting images in a series. Love the 'domes' at the bottom featuring the plant/flower ...

  3. I always love seeing a glimpse at your detailed sketches. It's amazing how you can keep the flow of your pencilwork even after adding watercolor.

    They're all lovely, but Virgo is really catching my eye. Can't wait to see these finished! Will we have to wait for publication or will we get a sneaky peek here? =D

  4. Oh Steph... I love your Gemini. I am always looking for a great picture of my Zodiac sign. And this depicts it perfectly. I love it..
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork.

  5. Angela - No, I'll be able to post them as I finish. Not under any stricture to hide them until publication fortunately. :)

  6. Great to hear, Steph:D It's always fun to share stuff. I know I have the hardest time keeping work secret! I get so excited and then have to bottle it up till publication.

  7. These are so good. I'm going to enjoy watching the progress. Gemini is really catching my eye. Can't wait to see what you have for Scorpio. ;)