Monday, August 31, 2009

Zodiac - Cancer

Medium: Watercolor
Size 10x14.5 inches

for Llewellyn's 2011 astrological calendar

The crab, water, nurturing, the reflective surface of water, focus on the family, protective, sensitive.

Here we are, the first of 12. At last, after all that sketching, I can get down to the painting. It's a relief. I haven't had the opportunity to really paint since before Gencon, and it feels like forever since I've had a chance to take the brushes in hand.

Somehow I'm still in green mode, but that will change soon enough as I get to the fiery and air elements. I was actually toying with the idea today of (after finishing the 12 and cover for this calendar deadline) going back and doing second male (or female) versions of each of the signs. Because 12 paintings isn't enough, and I have to go and double it...yeah, 78 pieces for the tarot has made me a sucker for more pain I guess.


  1. I'd love to see the second male/female versions! :)

  2. This is wonderful! I would like to see a second version as well. I am very excited to see what you do with Virgo (my sign) :)

  3. Beautiful. A very powerful painting with the wind and crashing waves.

  4. Since this is my sign I had to chart it right away and what a beautiful piece!

  5. Gorgeous! And I would love to see additional versions, things like the zodiac seem to lend themselves well to continuously evolving interpretation.

  6. Beautiful, I love the arch design at the bottom.

  7. These are so gorgeous! I'm not surprised, all of your work is so beautiful. I too would love to see the male or female alternate versions, that's a great idea!