Monday, August 3, 2009

Offerings in progress part 2

Snarled roots and figures hidden among the spirals of the foreground. The progess after one day's worth of painting. I've started to lay in the base colors for the upper areas too with a wide flat brush. It's a mixture basically of whatever greens and purples I had on my palette. I'm not too particular about the exact shade, as I'll be working up the layers on top of this to define the color. Mostly done with the lower areas, though need to paint the figure and lily pads still. I'll probably leave that til the end so I can figure out what color she needs to be. At this moment though I'm thinking bright monarch butterfly colors.

I continue to layer in green mixtures to to the upper corners to build up the color intensity. Also, the interaction of the layers helps to create textures even before I start to paint in leaves purposefully. It becomes a mixture of purpose and randomness.

I don't really work on any one specific area at a time. I kind of jump around in the canopy to wherever I feel like painting for a while, as the textures emerge.

Darkened the golden tones in the middle area as well, the better to pull out the contrast of the light around the figure and in the water.

Hope to finish this off tomorrow!


  1. yep, this is my fav ... adore those colors and the depth in this piece is enormous !

  2. Gorgeous! This will definately be a favorite... or do I say that about every piece... lol.

  3. Well, if every new piece is a favorite, I think I'm successful. It means I'm progressing! :)

  4. Looking amazing!
    I love the textures in all your paintings... How do you that? I keep staring at it but I can't figure it out... Do you use salt? or water?
    Guess I'll have to save up and buy your books. ;)