Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ah ha! Managed to finish this in one day (sort of) by limiting my distractions. Approximately 15 hours of painting (with a few interruptions and a couple of short errand-walks), and maybe another 5 hours of an early start yesterday. She's given me a tough time. This was definitely one of those paintings that I struggle with on the colors the entire time. I'm still not sure I'm satisfied, but there comes a time when you just have to set it aside and let time mellow the inner critic.

* * *

13 x 18 inches
Medium: watercolors
details, prints, original, all that good stuff, *click here*

Like a strange blossom, or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon with crumpled and still-damp wings; she stretches out her tendrils. Uncoiling, unfolding, unfurling so slowly you might not notice it. She shakes her filaments, and reaches to the firmaments.

Like the turn of the seasons, one stretch-tumbling into another, and all tied in a linked cycle of no ends and no beginnings and no ends and no begin---

Like death decaying into the soil to spring out with emerald fronds of life.

Like a phoenix's flames surge up in its own successor!

She tilts her head up. She closes her eyes. She feels the pulse within her: no ends, no beginnings.


  1. now THAT is beautiful - love the rich colors and the great darks at the bottom

  2. Striking... The unfurling of color, and feathers, and branches, and fruit at the center of the painting really draws the attention in. The real treat is when you begin to notice all of the other details.

  3. It's definitely a bolder color palette than I'm used to seeing in your work, but at the same time, experimenting is ALWAYS good. I have a feeling that the subtle reds in the background that really bind the composition all together are a little more vibrant in real life, which makes me wish I could see the original.

    15 hours straight? Sounds like my last weekend where I was rendering briars on a painting for DA's contest. Gotta love briars and their thorns and twisty intersecting details. Feels good to think that we can be that 'fast' and dedicated sometimes when we push ourselves!

  4. And randomly, I really love the little face in the branch near the bottom. I just want to put a word balloon that says 'ooo'! (yes I do find things that should be rather serious and morbid as 'cute'...don't ask me whyXD)

  5. haha Angela!

    And yeah 15 hours was a bit much, but I think I'll take today off and read a book, play some piano, and then take off at a leisurely time to drive the hour over to where the convention will be tomorrow. :)

  6. you may not be happy with it but I think its all your work is....this being the reason I purchase your first how to book

  7. Oh, I'm familiar enough with myself to know that I just need to set it aside. Some of the pieces that are now among my favorites I really disliked on first completing!