Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy days & more Inks

Musical sound of raindrops outside all day. I love the rain...when I can stay nice and warm indoors. Unfortunately had to run out and do my Friday stint of errands (which includes a jaunt to the post office to drop off the week's orders) and got rather soggy. Me soggy, not the orders.

At any rate, off to prep for a flamenco/belly-dance fusion show at La Taza tonight. A little under the weather from a cold last week, but pretty much recovered by now. At least I can't spread it to any of the other dancers or musicians seeing as they've all already had it at our last show 2 weeks ago!

Meanwhile, some more inks for your enjoyment:

* 1st image - narwhals!
** 3rd image - feeling silly: "rawr," goes the kitty. *scamper* goes the rat. "rawr," goes the kitty. *scamper* goes the rat. "RAWR!" goes the rat. *cower* goes the cat.
*** 4th image - inspired by this
**** 5th image - intentions to take this concept, rework the composition to be not so obviously a border design and probably paint it sometime in the next month.


  1. I'm gaga for the narwhals. Those are awesome!! I'm liking the lion, too. Delightful. :)

  2. I love the kitties!

    Now you you have to see this :)

  3. ROFL mere... NOT what I was expecting to see.

  4. i don't blame you - the last one is lovely !!!

  5. Oooo thx for sharing. Looking forward to the painted/revamped #5 "Unfurling". The rain here (midwest) is making plants all around stretch like this - you can almost watch them opening and reaching. Lovely rain for lovely growth. :)

    (and lol at the Narwhals link Meredith)

  6. I agree, there's nothing like the rain when creating. Now go dry off. Beautiful work, Steph