Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sun Worship

"Sun Worship"
10x15 inches
Prints, details, and original available -click here-

I walk along a dark path in a dream.

Sidewalks edged by the crashing sea. It is a strange juxtaposition. The glint of no-light on seaspray is the only illumination. But there is no scent. There is no wetness amidst the turbulence. It is curiously silent.

In the burn of morning light, the mists peel back from the ground. The last stray tendrils evaporate in the golden haze of sunlight as if physical fingers reach out to brush away the clinging tenacious cobwebs.

That strange pathway is a half forgotten vision within the first few moments of the glimmering day, so distant, a world away. The sun beckons from beyond the slated blinds, with the myriad voices of the birds, in a dozen notes, in a hundred singing dust motes. Let illusions fall away beneath this brilliance!

* * *

Matched piece for Moonbathing from a few weeks ago:


  1. A Beautiful pair.
    I love how the sun worshiper has taken on the qualities of the sun... burning with a quiet intensity. I look forward to seeing the process of this one in Dreamscapes II. :)

  2. Very nice! I like the softness of the sun and how the man has the energies of the sun also. Nice combination of masculine and feminine energies you have incorporated into this piece!

  3. I love the tree and how it blends with the surrounding elements~nice work!