Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unfurling sketch

That's what my garden has slowly been doing after the most recent rains and then the heatwave. Tomato plants have shot skyward happily, and the poppies are poking through with ferny fronds.
Prepped sketch on the board for the next painting coming up, roughly based on that border ink drawing I did a couple of weeks ago. I liked it enough that I wanted to spend more time with the concept and do a full painting of it, after some revisions to make it a more balanced composition instead of a lopsided border.

13x18 inches. I wonder if I can finish this by mid Thursday when I have to leave for Fanime. I don't work well on paintings away from my desk, so it won't be coming with me; and once I return, it'll be time to start on the Phoenix chapter of Dreamscapes. Which means if this isn't done by Thursday, it'll have to be tabled for a while.

Expecting the shipment of Inklings II on Thursday as well. Cutting it close for the convention!

So, enough blogging, and start painting!


  1. Yay... a whole chapter on phoenixes!! Lots of reds, oranges, and golds... lovely. :)

  2. oooo with some dark green to make those lovely reds and oranges POP !!!

  3. Love this character.

    How much time do you take for one of your illustration (sketch, final drawing and painting)?

  4. Getting that finalized sketch to the drawing board took half a day yesterday. painting time varies depending on size of the piece, amount of detail, and how distracted I am that day :)

  5. Aah yes our garden is springing up as well with tomatoes, squash, eggplant, bellpeppers, and corn. Alas, I'm sure half of it will be gone once the deer discover our new growth!

    I've already commented on the sketch on DA so I'll not pummel you with more to read XD

    Best of luck at the con! May hearts be true and sales be plentiful.

  6. Your work is amazing -- it makes me want to learn watercolors. Do you have any quick tips for a newcomer, such as whether you erase the pencilwork before painting over it, or how long you wait between coats of paint?