Friday, May 8, 2009

Inklings II previews & taking pre-orders

Well after searching high and low for a printer the past several months and being frustrated at several turns, and delayed, and delayed again, I've finally found what I was looking for.

The proof arrived in the mail today, and it looks good, so I'm going ahead with the run.

The other good news is that because it took so long to find a suitable printer, I eventually added another 6 pages of new art that came about during that intervening time span. So this one's 56 pages of ink scribbles.

If all goes as expected, they should be ready by the end of this month. Currently taking pre-orders for shipping approximately the first week of June. As with volume 1, I'm offering two options:
* book for $20.00
* book with an ink sketch on the inside cover for $35.00 (if you ask here nicely, I'll do a requested subject).

Here's a peek inside the covers:


  1. Stephanie, you are a gem! Thank you for offering requested subjects. The personal sketch will make Inklings II a priceless treasure. =)
    I would love a unicorn sketch for my Inklings II book. I have been collecting unicorns since I was about 11.
    Going to place my order right now!! :)

  2. oh ... ditto ! i'd LOVE a unicorn !!! your's are so elegant :D

  3. Sure ban, just drop me a note after you place your order!

  4. Oh you tempt me so with a custom sketch and the chance at a pre-order! I will have to see what the budget allows for next month:) I would treasure an angel sketch of yours for always.

  5. Got my Inklings II copy today. The unicorn is perfect. I absolutely love it!!
    I love having some of the drawings you have featured here on your blog, and a few others I had not ever seen.
    I looked through it quickly while I waited in the car to pick my son up from his last day at school. The milman came by right as I was leaving to pick him up. I'll sit and go through it more thoroughly tonight. :)