Monday, May 18, 2009

Kicking up the Dust

A few days before any convention seems to be the time for really kicking up the dust in my studio. Diving headfirst into the closet and mounds of prints and trying to sort them out into portfolios and boxes in order to bring with me to the show. The frequency of my attending shows is spread out just enough that I have time to disperse all the products back to various corners of the house, garage, basement, and office, until the next convention rolls around. There's probably a better way of managing this, but physical organization has never been my strongest suit.

Fanime is coming up this Friday. Fortunately this one isn't too far; just an hour's drive south of where I live, in San Jose. Close to where I grew up. It's a good chance for me to hang around with old friends during the evenings, and with the few of them brave enough to venture out to see what conventions are all about. Most of them are a bit wary of the prospect. My mother-in-law came to visit me at New York Comic-con one year. She came back to my booth after an hour of exploring, and exclaimed wide-eyed, "There's someone there selling Voodoo Babies!" And we won't even go into my own mother's reaction after a quick trip to the restroom at Baycon a decade ago. Let's just say she was a bit perturbed at some wardrobe malfuctions that were being fixed up.

Taking a break for now. Experimenting with various Riccarelli recipes. Haven't quite found The One I'm looking for yet. Well, they ended up looking quite nice.


  1. damn I wish I could go to a convention and try out selling my stuff

  2. What's stopping you? You should check around to see if there's any small local ones if you're intimidated by traveling. I started out at a show right here that was only 300 attendees.

  3. *drools* man looking at those made me hungry and I had no clue what they are before clicking the link.

    Hope you do well at Fanime!

  4. Thanks Angela!

    And they're doesn't need to know anymore to drool. :D