Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SF BATS and Dragoncon

With both of these around the corner, here's my annual reminder that if you want me to bring something specific with me to the convention please don't be shy to email me and request it. I have a lot of prints and so the selection that I carry with me to the convention is only what I think is more popular. Every year there's always someone who comes up to me at a show and asks if I have a particular print with me and I have to disappoint them with not having brought it. I'm also happy to reserve items ahead of time.

SF BATS - August 28, San Francisco CA
Dragoncon - September 3-6, Atlanta GA


  1. Hey Stephanie! Is there any chance I might be able to snag the 2nd Dreamscapes book and a tarot deck from you? I did want to get the option with a special sketch card, but I can maybe get that separate from you later if that'd work better?

    Let me know what's more convenient for you as I can just order all this online too. It would just be a pleasure to buy directly from you at the con :) I am not sure what all you'll have with you and whether or not you take credit/debit at the con either. Let me know what's best!

  2. (Oh and I should say I'll be seeing you at DragonCon here shortly...unless perhaps someone invents teleportation rings for me to use to get to SF)