Friday, August 20, 2010

Blanket of Night

Blanket of Night
Size: 10x12 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Details closeups: -here-
Unpainted Sketch: -here-

In our daughter's first few months when I would be in a semi-comatose state in bed trying to catch up on much needed sleep, I would hear Dana singing as he wore a path between our dining room and kitchen, rocking her:

Claire Miranda sleeps at night; when she sleeps at night she dreams of day.
Claire Miranda sleeps at day; when she sleeps at day she dreams of night.
When she dreams at night it's of the day
And at day it's of the night.
When Claire Miranda falls asleep she falls asleep into her dreams.

Even if it didn't work on her, it certainly lulled me to dreams on many of those nights.


  1. The way you blend fantasy and reality is truely breathtaking, I couldn't believe it's only 10x12" the first time I read it, wow!

  2. I'd love to hang this in my kids' room.

  3. Lovely, like a sweet fairy's lullabuy <3

  4. I'm with Teresa. Great blending of fantasy and reality, and also realistic and more fantastic/surreal styles into one work. :-)

  5. What a wonderful way to welcome a child to your world. I have admired your book covers for awhile, I am happy to have found your blog.