Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blanket of Night Sketch

Sketch for my next painting. My sleeping Claire.

Final painted piece: -here-


  1. hi stephanie,

    the picture is beautiful, there are so many little things fantastic in it. I look forward to the color of the building brought back to life.

    everything dear doreen

  2. Can´t wait to see this coloured...
    Thank you for showing us the sketch, it´s so fascinating to see your paintings unpainted.

  3. it's really amazing, Steph...
    also i have to tell you that a strange thing happened..maybe 'cause we're all connected... i was thinking about making a portrait of my cousin newborn daughter Alice, sourrounded by faries, right before checking your blog yesterday... you can imagine my surprise when i saw your picture... big hugs and kisses from Italy