Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Remarques & News on the Minors Book

A couple more remarques. Almost done. Just need to get the Tam Lin giclees in so that I can mat one of those!

Chessmates (still one of my favorite paintings).

Dragon's Pearl. For this one decided to do a little bit of storytelling in the ink drawing to go with the painting.

Spent most of today actually going over my final draft of The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot - Minor Arcana. I'm hoping to send it to press in a week or two, which would mean the books would be ready about the end of October. Unfortunately not in time for SF BATS or Dragoncon, but I didn't want to rush it. Although I might have the proof ready for viewing at DC for pre-orders. It'll be 160 pages (quite a bit chunkier than the Majors book which was only 96 pages) and will probably be $55.00 (with a +$15.00 option for a sketch in the front as usual).


  1. Great to hear the Minors book will be in a single volume. Just wondering if it the same press who did the Majors books?

  2. I think your idea of the ink drawings on the mat is your work :)

  3. Thank you maggie! I love doing them too.

  4. I love these borders! They're like a sweet surprise on an already beautiful painting.
    Do you use the pilot hi-tec-c gel pens for these pieces too?

  5. Yep, I use them for all my ink drawings!

  6. Wonderful to hear that the Minor Arcana book is on the way!!