Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tarot Original Paintings to be released

Well I've finally decided that it is time for me to part from my tarot original paintings. I'd been holding on to all of them up until now. But it's time for them to find some love on peoples' walls rather than the dark interior of a box in my closet! There are a few which will not be sold as I'm keeping them for my personal collection (Page of Wands, Queen of Cups).

I've had requests and nudges from people to indicate interest in the past on various pieces. To keep things fair I will mostly likely be setting a date and time for the release and they'll go on sale at that time, first come first serve basis. Probably will be in January 2011 once I have a chance to recover from holidays. As a general idea, prices for minor arcana ranging from $700-$1000, majors and court cards $1000-$1500. If you're interested in being notified by email of more details when I set the final prices, and when the release date/time will be, you can -add yourself to the notification list-. Monthly installment plans are also an option.


  1. Hi Stephanie.

    Wow... I never even thought of monthly installments as an opption. What do you consider adequate monthly payments... $100, $200? With monthly installments, owning an original could be a real option for me... if I can convince the hubby. ;)
    How would it work? When you put them for sale, let you know which I want? Will a person paying in full get preference?

    You may want to wait a little longer than January. I have a feeling getting ones hands on a tarot original is going to be a bit of a feeding frenzie. ;)


  2. Majsan - They're all 8.5x14 inches.

    Amy - I usually like to have the monthly payments split up to be paid off within a year. If it's for multiple paintings though I'm open to discussing a longer payment period. The paintings don't get shipped until it is paid in full, and deposits/installments are non-refundable. As long as I get an initial deposit for a sale, there would be no preference over paying in full.