Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oakland Zoo

Another zoo trip yesterday for some more reference photos for the next Dreamscapes book. I'm having fun visiting all these zoos and aquariums for this. Oakland Zoo is a lot smaller than San Francisco's, but there they made very good use of what space they have, as well as using the hilly terrain for long meandering paths.

I went with my childhood friend and sketch partner Rubbi and we had a wonderful time making our way through slowly and stopping periodically to sketch.

"Bison cave drawings," due to my poor eyesight and the distance.

Weaver bird nests! Reminded me of "Where the Wild Things Are" which I just saw recently.

Dana thinks this one should be called "Tortoise Descending a Staircase" since it was almost Cubist in its creation! The tortoise sloooooowly walked along the edge of the grass, and it proceeded at a pace that gave me time to sketch it at each point of its progression.



  1. Nice sketches. Did you use copic markers for shading?

  2. Even the photos reveal a creators eye. Keep up the wonderful creations:)

  3. Your diary, if you keep one, must look wonderful...

  4. Oh, wow. Your sketches are just stunning! They have such a beautiful flow and composition.

  5. I love when you post your sketchbook images. Which books do you buy for these? What is the paper?

  6. I use Hand Book: