Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keyword Sketch Cards

Next batch(es) of special editions going out. Apologies if you have "hermit" selected, I'm ordering more of those from my printer and so those orders won't go out until next Friday.

clockwise: mermaid, origami, searching, victorious, faith, water,
freedome, vibrations, spirit, beginnings, dream

clockwise: passion, dragonflies, tamlin, artist's choice, weaver, dream, perseverance, responsibility


  1. Ooohhh... amazing works, Stephanie! Is that Mermaid mine???? (Jaime here! aka Nomadsoul/whyteshadow) :D

  2. So happy ! They are ALL lovely, but I am partial to vibrations ~ Thank You :O)
    Gneiss Moon

  3. Great to see you are selling so many decks!! :-)

  4. I received my package the other day with the faith sketch. It's wonderful. The entire tarot kit is amazing. Thank you so much!