Thursday, September 16, 2010

New items - Tarot Bags

Had these lovely items come in today! Silky drawstring pouches, good for putting any of your little treasures in (a tarot deck perhaps? Or jewelry or sparklies).

Haven't done a whole lot of painting lately. Aside from not having much time, I've started getting to work on the next Dreamscapes book. I kept telling myself I'd do it "after dragoncon". Well, it's after dragoncon now, so it's time to get going.


  1. Always tempting me with such beautiful items...

  2. Oh they are so wonderful! In case I would get some money, I would buy one even if I do not need any

  3. I gave my daughter the Shadowscapes Tarot for her birthday. Wicked lovely work. Now I know what I'm getting her next. ;D