Friday, June 11, 2010

Stuck on Spirals

I seem to be on a spiral kick lately (more so than usual even), both in the ink drawings I've been doing, as well as the paintings. This is another one that is stemming from what was originally a finished ink drawing. One of the really nice parts about doing all these inks lately over such a short period of time is that they're serving the purpose my sketchbook used to -- basically massive idea-dumping. I have a ready pool of concepts to pull from whenever a spare moment strikes. It's one of the benefits of daily sketching and keeping a sketchbook.

I've mentioned this before, but I'll reiterate: the best way to never have artist's block is to just always draw. When you're stumped, flip through the pages of sketches and something is bound to strike a spark of inspiration.

You may also notice that there have been many landscape oriented pieces (I mean the horizontal orientation, not subject matter). This is for a much more practical reason.... Little Claire loves to be carried around in a sling. It's extremely hard to reach to top of a portrait-oriented piece if it's sprawled across my desk 20 inches away + Claire!

And anyway it's a nice change from the years of tarot sized pieces! This particular piece is 10x20 inches again like the last one.