Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Call
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 10x21 inches
Prints & Original: -here-
Details: -here-

* * *

The stars dream:
incandescent longings
spinning the threads of night
in a flurry of unseemly delight.

In the silent hours
in the doorways 'tween the worlds
in the endless frozen stillness
delineating dawn from dusk --

The padded footsteps flutter.
The moon-limned fur-lined streaks.
The secret heartbeats patter
As nocturnal denizens meet.

And golden glowing orbs
mini moons in each sly eye
slip through star-dreams and through star-light
like a star's elusive sigh.

* * *

Quite by accident, these past three paintings seem to have made a progression from golden-hazy dawn, through mid-day, and finally to twilight dusk. Not quite sure what the next piece will be, but I'll be flying out to Denver for INATS on Saturday. Though I usually hate travel (the actual travel. I always love the shows!) this time I don't have to lug all my stuff with me, and also I'm looking forward to having some time alone on the long flight to maybe do some sketching and brainstorming for some concepts I have tumbling through my head.

Anyway, do click on the link for the details up above so you can see the itty-bitty-kitty-cats!


  1. The sky looks very great,spiral.
    I like it very much!

  2. I love the swirls and all the blue. Gorgeous!
    Maybe the next one should be midnight and you would have a series that covers all of the day. Would be nice. :3
    Really like the blog's new outfit too.
    "Midnight Ramblings" btw. Do you have a painting called that too or is it just this blog's name?

  3. I love your watercolor technique so much, the watermarks in the sky are beautiful.

  4. No painting of that name; it's just the blog.

  5. Love the blog's new look, Stephanie.

    The painting is wonderful! So many little spirals everywhere, and the trees with their cathedral-like branches.

    Enjoy your trip!