Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreamscapes: Myth & Magic - Accepting Orders!

175 pages, softcover. Dreamscapes: Myth & Magic.

When you purchase from Shadowscapes, the book is autographed, and you will receive a bonus signed print of The Dragon & the Hero, from the cover.

Impact Books says:

Continuing the journey of the original Dreamscapes, this second book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law explores—in words and beautiful watercolor imagery—more legends of the sea, sky and earth. You will learn Stephanie’s secrets for calling forth maidens, mermaids and bewitching moonlight … for evoking dragons, enchantresses and tricksters … for turning seeds of legend and lore into spellbinding characters, creatures and settings.

• Use the sketches, color exercises and mini painting demos to warm up.
• Follow along with 13 full step-by-step painting demonstrations to create unicorns, tree spirits, witches and other iconic fantasy figures in watercolor.
• Discover a wealth of art techniques for painting mermaid scales, Phoenix feathers, glowing dragon eyes, flowing gowns, silken hair and a host of other dazzling effects.
• Get inspired by the ancient origins and folktales behind each mystical being.

Whether you paint fantasy or not, if you enjoy the magic of watercolor you will be inspired by the magic created on the pages of Dreamscapes: Myth & Magic


  1. I'll have to wait a bit, but I'll be getting this for sure!!! I can hardly wait. =)

  2. I'm so happy! I got my tarot set today! It is lovely! Thank you, Stephanie! :D

  3. Ordered both your Dreamscape books yesterday, I can only hope some of your magnificent talent jumps out of the pages and settles itself in my mind.

    You're a true source of awe and inspiration.

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