Monday, July 13, 2009

Madly Matting

Past few days have been spent doing one of my least favorite things -- matting. Lug out the heavy mat cutter from its storage in the closet, dig out the sheets of mat board from behind the piano where they spend most of their time serving as sound dampeners (piano in a mostly empty, hardwood floor room is loud!), and set about measuring and cutting. Preparation for Dragon*con, though unfortunately I will miss actually attending that one in person this year! But I will be at both Comic-con (next week), and Gencon (next month).

Though I hate the mat cutting part, what is a little bit more fun is what I do after I've cut them. For convention auctions, I like to do a bit of custom ink art on the borders to make each piece unique. Here's a couple that were just finished today:

Upcoming Appearances:
Shadowscapes will be at San Diego Comic-Con from July 23-26. Look for me at booth #4813, listed under Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images. If you have any requests for books/originals/prints that you would like me to bring to the show, now is the time to ask for it. Feel free to drop me a note with your requests.


  1. those are F A B U L O U S ! wish I could go to a con and see those in person ... best of luck !!!

  2. ooooh. so very nice.