Friday, July 3, 2009

Conversations in the Woods (and at Night)

"Conversations in the Woods"
8.5x11.5 inches

The Dragon Beign and O meeting in the woods for the first time. Cover piece for a poem-story by Mary L Riggs. Looks like I'm stuck on greens these days. Must be residual Hawaii.

Coming home from there to California though, I notice something about my own very green surroundings. There is a very different quality to it. While Hawaii is vibrant, shiny, yellowish-bright-sap-greens, California is more muted -- beautifully soothing viridian-blue-green. Damp tropical scents are replaced by the spicy aromas of redwood forests.

There's one path in Muir Woods (where Dana proposed to me) that I call "the Cinnamon flavored trail" because as you hike up the hill the crimson-barked manzinita, the towering old redwoods, and twisted oak trees combine just so to make a cinnamon smell.

* * *
Twice while in Hawaii I leapt up from a IMAX 3-D view nightmare of spiders. The first time, I jumped out of bed, the albino white spider as large as my hand staring evilly at me.

me: There's a giant white spider on the pillow!!!! (Standing next to the bed at this point, with the lamp on)
dana: (Who's used to these nocturnal outbursts from me, usually in reference to mosquitoes that he is then charged to kill. He looks up groggily) Hm? Where?
me: On the pillow!!! (Pointing)
dana: Honey, there's no spider.
Also, if there was a spider, how could you tell it was white in the dark?
me: (Damn logic...) Oh. Yeah. Right. Must have been a dream. (Climbing back into bed. A bit reluctant. Because damn it, no matter what he says, and what my logical awake-brain is telling me, I KNOW there was a giant white spider dripping venom there a moment ago!)

We didn't see any spiders there. Here back at home in Oakland though we actually do have some monstrous sized arachnids! Ironically I never have spider nightmares here.


  1. i like the composition in this illustration... aaah and all the details! compliments!!

    ps: i have posted some of my drawings, i'll be glad if you can take a look and tell me what you think ^^

    thanks for your amazing arts!

  2. Truly beautiful - keep the greens, I LOVE them !!!

  3. Beautiful dragon conversation. Wish I could have a real one. ;)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wakes up from creepy dreams *knowing* they were real... lol. Aren't tolerant husbands great? ;)

  4. Rah, I will check them out!

    And Amy, poor Dana has to put up with a lot of babble from me in the less civilized hours of the night!

  5. hi, im new and i love your drawings and the designs of the card. i really want your tipson how to draw like you. i want to show you my pictures and want to know your opinion but dont know how