Friday, June 12, 2009

The Artists' Eternal Questions

* Why do art directors always pick the thumbnail you least want to use?
* The corollary to that: Why do customers invariably favor the print you most want to remove from your site?
* Why does the coffee/tea cup always feel like the instinctive place to rinse off a brush, no matter where you position it in relation to the real rinsing bowl, even at the far other end of the desk?
* How the hell does the glass scanner bed, while closed, manage to accumulate so much dust and crap after just being cleaned a few days ago?!?


  1. All excellent questions...i wish i could answer them! :)

  2. You have me rolling with laughter. As an artist and graphic designer, I identify with every single one of those. ;)

  3. What kind of scanner do you use to get those excellent scans of pencil drawings?

  4. I have an epson 836XL (the XL is just that it is oversized. 12x18 inch scanning bed size). Unfortunately this line is retired!

  5. Excellent and amusing questions. I have definitely found myself putting a paint brush in my drink instead of the rinsing bowl on several occasions, though that's probably better than the one time I went to take a sip of my tea and ended up taking a sip of the water I'd been rinsing my brush off in instead. Yuck!