Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Western Redbud

Had a lot of fun with the nasturtiums a few days ago, so here's more in a botanical illustration vein.

Western Redbud. Native plant here. There's a small bush planted just across the street from me by our local watershed group. A few years ago a large live oak tree fell over into the ravine due to weakening of the roots in the hillside after a long spell of rain. I was sad to see it gone, but a host of other native plants were quickly planted in the following months. 

Watercolor pencils & watercolors.

In the springtime it has the most brilliant purple-pink flowers dripping off the branches, and I really want to draw that next year. But for now it's got bean pods, which bear a trace of that magenta color, which also shows quite strikingly. Next year I'll have to try and catch it at this stage:


  1. I love botanical illustrations, it's great to see some of yours :)

  2. I completely agree with Katrin. Beautiful work! :)

  3. You are really enjoying your pencils aren't you?? It is fun to try something else once in awhile. The colors are really beautiful on your illustrations. I have a small set of watercolor pencils and you are really motivating me to try them. I'm still learning with a wide open heart with my watercolors but it is fun using different media. You did wonderful work on this. Great Job!!!

  4. Yes, it's nice to have some variety every once in a while! I am enjoying them quite a bit.