Monday, July 15, 2013

More matted pieces for Dragoncon

More matting and drawing today. Got a few more of them done. Here's a peek at some more of what will be on offer in the art show auction at dragoncon. These are prints with hand drawn ink on the boarders of the mats.


  1. ohh I love the inset for the poem for Where the Shadow Used to Fall. Thanks for sharing these, Steph! I always enjoy looking at your mat drawings.

    I've taken the 'easy' route for this year's art show and opted for limited edition wrapped canvases.

    Can't wait to get my pliers out for the grand fun that is wrapping canvas around stretcher bars! (only slight sarcasm because making sure it all lines up right is a sort of neurotic fun for me. ;)

    1. Definitely neurotic! I used to hate doing that when I painted with acrylic

  2. These inked borders are always beautiful. I'm glad to have a couple of them in my collection. Hope to get more some day. :)