Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Below the Surface

10x17 inches
Medium: Mixed
Prints ($16.95 and $26.50), Original Painting ($1500.00), and closeup detail shots -available here-

In the depths of a wishing well.

Some in progress shots:

 Initial brainstorm sketches and thumbnail. Originally the pair at the top were children.
 Somehow that got changed once I got to the final sketch.
 Color rough, mockup in photoshop. I've found that with the techniques I'm using these days with the texture of the ink and medium, because it's so random, I really need to plan out the colors and values beforehand a lot more than I used to. In order to optimal make use of the randomness, I have to have much more intent on where to focus it. The texture only happens if I do it in one go, and don't touch the areas (unless I've sprayed with fixative) afterwards, because further messing around and brushing layers over those areas only blurs and obliterates those textures I love.
 Getting started with initial base layers of colors.
 And more.
 Trilobytes, bones, and tea!!!!
 Almost done. Thought I was done. But when I scanned this and then flipped it horizontally in photoshop I didn't like how the upper area was balanced. The skyline/trees/ground felt off. 
 So I went back and worked some more on the upper portions. After scanning and flipping it once more (to get a fresh perspective), I was much more satisfied this time.


  1. Great work, as usual! I love seeing pictures of your process. The added textures are really nice too! Always an inspiration.

    PS - always love seeing the pencils as well.

  2. Thanks for these painting process-postings, it's always so interesting and inspiring to see how you make a flat lineart come alive. Amazing...!

  3. This is really beautiful! I love being drawn into every angle and detail. The movement sweeps me away... I feel very strongly that there are many stories being told within this image.

  4. Will you be putting out another instructional book anytime in the near future with your painting with ink and watercolor? I've gone through all of your instructional books a few times. They have taught me so much with not only watercolors but supplies etc. I also love your botanicals. Maybe a book on botanicals??? This painting is just gorgeous. The well is a really wonderful idea. What motivated you to use a well in your painting this time? Anything special or was it your wonderful intense imagination? Just love it.

    1. It's such a specific technique, that I don't think my publisher will be interested in that topic. And also I don't think I could fill a whole book in it. I might post some more detailed tutorials about it on my blog though. As for the well.... I just wanted to do something vertical! :D

  5. I looked more closely at the pics you have of the painting. I love love the textures especially underground. Amazing and so cool. I had to buy a print. I can't wait to get it!!!!!! yay...