Saturday, April 27, 2013


Size: 9x13 inches
Medium: Watercolors
Prints and detailed closeups available -here-

You might remember this one from a few years ago. Or not. It's one of the keyword sketch cards I did in 2010 for a tarot special edition order. Anyway, it was always one of my favorites, and I've been meaning to do a painting based on it for a long time. So when it got commissioned recently I was happy to dive into it!
 Some changes from the original ink sketch. Refining anatomy. Changing the background a bit. Bye turtle, hello birds.

Further refining. Ready to paint at this stage.
 In-progress painting scan.


  1. you know steph, I think you lose a lot of contrast when you add colour to the main character

    1. Having seen the actual piece, I can assure you that there's as much contrast as should be. More likely your "problem" lies in the nature of the scan and the fact that your monitor settings might need a little fixing ;)

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! I wish I had your imagination to think of just one painting but you have hundreds of DIFFERENT paintings and ALL are just amazing. You are truly an artistic genius! I love your colors. Just the color of the wrap belt and the tiny reddish hues in the birds makes the center of interest just stand out beautifully. wonderful