Thursday, April 11, 2013


Medium: Pencil (and a little bit of white gel pen)
Size: 12x6.5 inches
For detail closeups, prints, and the original piece, -click here-

And now for a change of pace. Haven't done any pencil pieces in a long time. After finishing my most recent painting (Dreamdance: Unity), I wanted to further explore that bird/mask figure in the background.


  1. This is absolutely stunning! Aside from the fact that I have an absolute fascination with birds and with masks, the composition is lovely and the amorphous cloud shape sweeping in has such a fantastic motion to it... absolutely adore this piece

  2. For who does the bell toll ... Steph

  3. I have heard about a competition on Artist`s Magazine called "Lights & Darks". I have no time to paint now, but I had a dream about how it can be... Yes, here is a perfect "Lights & Darks" picture. I like it! Fantastic... really. I never lie... :)

    1. I haven't heard of it, but thank you for the recommendation!

    2. Strokes of Genius 6
      Value / Lights & Darks
      CALL FOR ENTRIES Here is about this competion. The participation costs $30. Deadline: April 15, 2013

    3. Description: Do you draw in pencil, charcoal, Conté, pen and ink, scratchboard, silverpoint, colored pencil, pastel or paint mediums in a drawing-like manner? Do you have an artist's eye for tonal value and a work of art that illustrates your talent? Would you like to see your art in a North Light Books' hardbound showcase?

      If so, we want to see your work!
      Deadline: April 15, 2013

      Winning art will be featured in North Light Books' hardbound showcase of the best in contemporary drawing. From quick contour sketches to carefully rendered drawings with a full range of values, North Light Books will showcase the best of the best in a variety of styles and subjects.

      The theme of Strokes of Genius 6 is Value: Lights and Darks.

  4. Stephanie, this is truly gorgeous!!!So Interesting. What hardness of lead did you use and what paper? If you don't mind, I just love the textures you are getting, but then you are remarkable in everything you do. God Bless.