Thursday, April 25, 2013


Medium: Mixed (watercolors, watercolor metallic powder, white watercolor ground, gel pen, india ink)
Size: 4x8 inches
Detail closeups, Prints ($16.95), and Original painting ($295.00) available -here-

What started off as experimenting with some bottles and jars of various mediums I had tucked away in the closet last night, finally took form. 

Started off with numerous ink & metallic powder washes. Just trying to get texture.

This morning I picked up one of the results and started working watercolor and granulation medium into it as well, and the image started to emerge.

What I ended up being really happy with, that unfortunately you can't appreciate in a digital online reproduction, is the way the metallic powder integrated with the colors. The white in the sky was painted on top, so that has a flat tone, but at certain angles, the forest and trees glow with a golden texture.


  1. It's very different from your usual production, but it preserve its magic and mystery. Lovely effects! It's nice to see people experiments with new tools and media. :)